Instructions up... but buyers up more

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The turbulent times for our country have not dampened activity in the property market, with both new instructions and new buyers rising in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the previous quarter.

Data from Mansell McTaggart, the largest independent agent in Sussex, shows that the number of new properties entering the market was 31% up in Jan-Mar 2019 compared to Oct-Dec 2018, whilst the number of new buyers registering rose even more – by 65% – over the same period.

Whilst it is usual for more properties to enter the market in the early spring than in the period running up to Christmas, Jaime Wallden, Senior Director at Mansell McTaggart commented: “the growth in new buyers exceeding the growth in new instructions shows the market for property in East Sussex remains healthy, despite the uncertain times politically and economically for the UK.”