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Posted on Saturday, October 8, 2022

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With the Bank of England lifting the base rate, it’s no secret that mortgage lenders have recently been reviewing their deals and in some cases, they have been removed altogether or have been replaced with alternatives. 


There’s no denying that it’s a confusing time for those in the midst of buying their first home, up or down-sizing, relocating or simply looking to switch, ditch or fix their mortgage. The property market remains buoyant, and people will continue to move home for a variety of personal and family reasons. 


So, whilst there’s a wealth of helpful information available online to absorb about mortgages, which way is the right turn, and did you know we can help? 


Every branch of Mansell McTaggart is partnered with an independent mortgage service provider. You don’t even have to be buying or selling to use us! There are lots of advantages in engaging a mortgage broker:


  • They have a holistic view of all the mortgage deals from all the lenders.
  • You have one point of contact: one conversation about your personal and financial circumstances.
  • Therefore, avoid repeating the paperwork and communications several times over with different lenders yourselves.
  • They can research the entire market for you, throwing the net wider than a handful of banks you may have on your list.
  • They may have access to exclusive deals with certain lenders.
  • They can work their magic fast!


We had a fantastic result for one of our first-time buyers last week, who had a mortgage offer sorted but the lender changed their terms just as things with their purchase were ready to go. We put our buyers in touch with our mortgage partner and following the necessary discovery call, they had a newly approved mortgage offer in writing on the very same day! 


If you think you could benefit from our winning mortgage service, we are always here for you. Get in touch with your nearest branch - it could be the phone call that not just saves you money but rescues your dream home move.