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Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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At Mansell McTaggart our marketing strategy sets us apart from other agents. Our expert photographers will ensure your most valuable asset stands out from the crowd, but they may need some help from you! To get the best from your property and get a terrific sale, we share our top tips with you, to help us achieve a premium outcome.

Moving home is a great opportunity to declutter. Your audience needs to be focused on the features of your property and not distracted by your personal belongings.

Reception Rooms

Here's our top 10 tips for lounge, dining & home office


  • Address any tired paintwork
  • Turn off computer and TV tech
  • Pop personal photos away
  • Open all the curtains or blinds
  • Replace any blown bulbs
  • Tidy away toys and teddies
  • Plump up the cushions
  • Dust and vacuum
  • Clear away pet beds, toys and bowls, and take dogs out for a walk when you have a viewing arranged.
  • If you can, add some beautiful fresh-cut flowers!


  • Clear & clean surfaces and worktops
  • Empty the bin to eliminate smells
  • Remove sponges and brushes
  • Pop fridge magnets away
  • Clear away washing-up
  • Clear away pet dishes


  • Give everything a clean
  • Hide bath toys & declutter
  • Put toothbrushes away
  • Put the loo seat down!
  • Fresh towels, neatly folded


  • Open all the curtains or blinds
  • This may sound like an obvious one, but make the beds!
  • Plump up the pillows and any extra cushions
  • Make sure any lighting (including lamps) have working bulbs
  • Tidy away children's toys and teddies as much as is practical. Investing in some small storage options will help to minimise distractions to your viewers.
  • Declutter bedside tables and hide any laundry
  • And remember to pop away any jewellery items



First impressions are everything. Stand outside your house and view it with fresh eyes.


  • Tidy and clear things away
  • Cut the grass, weed, trim & prune
  • Clean any garden tables & chairs
  • Ensure all outside lights available are working
  • Clean the windows
  • Ensure the drive is weed-free
  • Clear away broken plant pots
  • If you can, move cars away from the drive

We hope you found our tips useful and that they provided you with a few prompts on where to look around your home to make it shine in our photography, and to prepare for viewings.